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Corporate Philosophy
The Two Principles
1. Offer Customers Only the Finest Products
2. Continuously Challenge the Status Quo
Two Principles
What do we believe in? Corporate Philosophy
The Four Promises
1. [ Customer ]
A commitment to providing customers with safe, reliable and healthy food products.
2. [ Employee ]
A belief in providing employees with an environment that encourages success through motivation, self-direction,
commitment and teamwork.
3. [ Investor ]
An undertaking to continually exceed expectations and increase the company’s value through increased earnings and
cash flow.
4. [ Society ]
A pledge to always promote open and
ethical business practices in harmony with societal values.
Four Promises
What do we want to be and how do we achieve it?  Business Goal / Strategy
What management system enables us to achieve it?  Management Systems
How should we act?  Corporate Culture
Corporate Ethics
Business Goal / Strategy
Business Goal
The Mizkan Group’s Business Goal is to become the “Preeminent Global Producer and Marketer of Diversified Food Products”.
The strategy of the Mizkan Group is to seek additional growth opportunities through diversification and globalization. Included within this strategy is the need to restructure our existing businesses while leveraging our core food brands and unique production technologies.
Management Systems
The Mizkan Group’s Management Systems are to be aligned and integrated to ensure flawless execution by the independent business units.
Corporate Culture
The Mizkan Group’s Corporate Culture is based on encouraging respective members to be independent, innovative and cooperative. Everyone is expected to:
1. Take initiative
2. Pursue continuous improvement
3. Focus on key issues
4. Test each hypothesis
5. Maintain a strong sense of justice
6. Exceed expectations
Mizkan Corporate Ethics Standards
The foundation in the implementation of our vision that the business organization and members of society are justifiably obligated to observe.
1. We provide safe, reliable and high-quality products. We endeavor maximally to provide the consumers reliability and satisfaction.
2. We ensure that all business activities are fair, sound, and highly transparent in keeping with legal regulations and social norms.
3. We respect the character and individuality of all persons connected with the Mizkan Group. We ensure a safe and comfortable working environment.
4. We promote harmony with the local community and contribue to the development of an affluent society.
5. We conduct business activities with consideration given to the local environment.
6. Same as managing all Corporate assets, rights, and information properly, we respect those of others.
We never infringe upon nor abuse other’s assets, rights and information.
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